What is the Lokomat?

We offer gait therapy on the Lokomat® system at both our Victoria and Vancouver clinics. The Lokomat® is a driven gait orthosis that automates or assists walking movements on a treadmill, allowing greater efficiency of treadmill training and reducing physical demand on therapists. Locomotion therapy on the treadmill has been shown to improve over-ground walking function caused by neurological diseases and injuries in many cases.


How does it work?

The Lokomat® system consists of the robotic gait orthosis, the overhead body weight-supporting system, and the treadmill. The client is suspended in a harness over the treadmill, and the robotic frame is fitted to the client’s legs. The robotic frame then moves the client’s legs (with or without the client’s active participation) in a natural walking pattern. The computer-controlled guidance allows individual adjustments of different gait parameters such as stride length and amount of weight-bearing.

We utilize the Lokomat® to treat individuals with any neurological disease or injuries who will benefit from locomotion therapy and can tolerate the repetitive movement. This includes clients with stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy. Other therapeutic activities are incorporated while the client is in the Lokomat® to promote upper body and arm function for gait and posture.

For children and adults

Neuromotion is proud to offer the only pediatric legs for the Lokomat in BC at our Surrey location. The pediatric orthosis is designed to accommodate children by offering a special set of harnesses and cuffs that provide a precise fit for clients with femurs between 21 – 35 cm in length. The Lokomat utilizes a robotic frame to move client’s legs (with or without active participation) in a natural walking pattern. The therapist can provide adjustments to different aspects of the gait including stride leg, hip and knee range of motion, and the amount of guidance or weight bearing. This allows even the littlest of our clients to have the unique opportunity to experience and work towards a natural gait!

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