Parkinson's Wellness Recovery
Available at All locations

We provide a circuit training class specifically targeted to people with Parkinson’s disease. This PWR!Moves™ Circuit Class is led by one of our PWR!Therapists who have attended specialized courses in Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery ( This exercise class is provided on the basis that EXERCISE IS MEDICINE for people with Parkinson’s Disease. While exercise will improve strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular functioning, it is also a physiological tool to protect neurons and guides brain health and repair. Exercise has the potential to slow disease progression in people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Participants of the PWR!Moves™ Circuit Class can expect to sweat and move lots at each class, laugh and use their voice! An initial assessment to screen for safety, physical limitations, and health risks is required to participate in the class.

Love Your Brain Yoga
Available at All locations

We have partnered with the LoveYourBrain Foundation to integrate their evidence-based yoga program into our rehabilitation setting. The LoveYourBrain Foundation is a nonprofit organization and has emerged as a leading expert in offering adaptive yoga and meditation for people affected by traumatic brain injury. Our yoga program includes a 6-week gentle yoga series that follows a manualized curriculum designed based on the science of resilience.

Each class follows a similar structure, including a 10 min breathing exercise, 45 min gentle yoga, 15 min guided meditation and relaxation, and 20 min of facilitated group discussion. Individuals who have participated in the Love Your Brain Yoga program have reported improvements in how they feel about themselves, including their self-esteem, energy, motivation, and in their ability to manage negative emotions. At Neuromotion we offer our program to individuals who have sustained any type of brain injury, not limited to traumatic brain injury.  We also encourage caregivers to participate in our LYBY programs.  

Adapted Yoga and Chair Yoga
Available at Vancouver clinic and online

Estefani Osorio from our Vancouver clinic is pleased to offer adapted yoga as well as chair yoga classes.  

Balance Class
Available at Surrey and Victoria locations

Balance Class is a weekly one-hour exercise class developed to help individuals with neurological impairment rebuild their balance, strength, and agility. Improving balance and mobility can play a huge role in fall prevention. Balance Class is suitable for clients, who are ambulating independently, with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and post-concussion symptoms.

Balance training helps improve internal balance systems that may have been affected by neurological impairment, and the aging process. There are three systems that control our balance. We rely on input from our vision, vestibular system (inner ear responsible for general equilibrium) and sensory system (nerves at the bottom of our feet). The lesson plan includes a warm-up, static and dynamic balance exercises, drills for the vestibular and visual systems, strength and endurance training for the major muscle groups, posture exercises and some stretching.

Concussion Academy
Available at Victoria location

Concussion Academy is a physiotherapy treatment program designed for people experiencing symptoms post-concussion or post mild traumatic brain injury.

Patients participating will attend the 1 hour class 1x a week for 10-12 weeks. The exercises are set up in a circuit training style format with patients spending 5 minutes at each station. The stations focus on the following skills: vision rehabilitation, vestibular/VOR tolerance, balance and core stability, cognitive/table top activities, cardio and mindfulness/meditation strategies. Improving these skills can be vital to recovery post concussion. This class gives patients the ability to improve these skills along with the chance to interact with others who are also learning how to manage their brain injury symptoms.

This treatment program was modeled after the Brainex90 Outpatient Brain injury program at Parkwood hospital in London, Ontario.

Grasp Class
Available at all locations and on-line classes.

GRASP is an arm and hand exercise program for people with stroke. Repetetive actions using everyday objects.  Participants are working on improving functional movement. 

FAME Class
Available at all locations and online classes

Fame class is an exercise class. 


Group Class Schedule
Please call your home clinic to book the classes.


GRASP Classes: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1pm - Advanced class

Friday at 12pm - Beginner class


FAME Classes:


Email to find out more about dates and times


Parkinson's Exercise Class

Tuesday, 9:30am

Thursday 8:30am


Restorative Yoga

Tuesday, 8:30am


Balance Class

Saturday, 10:15am