Neurological PT Mentorship Program

Knowledge is one of our core values at Neuromotion. The Neurological PT Mentorship Program was developed to assist new PTs with getting the tools they need to specialize in neurological physiotherapy.

The Perks

  • 100% paid tuition up to $5000 over 2 years
  • Group education 2 times per month
  • Weekly one-on-one mentorship
  • 1 Paid Conference attendance *not included in the $5000 education
  • Full time employment with full benefits 
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Receive a Neuromotion Neurological Physiotherapy certificate

The Requirements

  • Full time employment (30+ hours/week)
  • 2 year commitment / contract
  • Masters in Physiotherapy
  • Fully Certified in British Columbia

Who is Eligible?

The Neurological PT Mentorship Program is available for physiotherapists who are in their first three years of clinical practice following graduation from an accredited MPT Program.

What Conferences Could You Attend?

  • CPA Congress
  • Neurological Condition Conferences eg. Parkinson’s Disease Conference, National Spinal Cord Injury Conference, The Brain Injury Canada Conference, etc.)

Course Options

  • NTD/Bobath Certificate course (year 1) (mandatory)
  • Advanced Bobath course (year 2)
  • Vestibular course
  • PWR or PD equivalent course 
  • Concussion course (mandatory)
  • FES certification
  • MyndMove certification
  • Lokomat certification
  • BWSTT certification
  • Persistent pain FND course
  • Facial Palsy course
  • Acupuncture / Dry Needliing course


If you are interested in joining our mentorship program, please send an email to