Certified athletic therapists are highly skilled in the prevention, assessment, immediate care, and ongoing rehabilitation of individuals with musculoskeletal (muscle, bone and joint) injuries. Athletic Therapy treatments are based on the Sports Medicine Model that involves active rehabilitation, using personalized exercises to reduce pain and recover from injury.

Athletic therapists treat a wide range of patients using various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription, as well as bracing and taping. While athletic therapy is typically found in sports rehabilitation clinics, our athletic therapist uses her expert musculoskeletal knowledge plus her five years of clinical mentorship and training to treat neurological clients. She has her PWR!Moves clinical certification, FES (functional electrical stimulation) cycle certification, and four years of experience in treating people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. In addition, our athletic therapist has experience working with the Lokomat, BWSTT (body weight support treadmill training), and utilizes Bobath concepts in treatment when applicable; where treatment is focused toward remediation, and guiding the individual towards efficient movement strategies for task performance. Treatment sessions are one-on-one and orientated towards achieving various functional goals.

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