At Neuromotion, our therapists utilize the NDT (Neurodevelopmental Treatment) and Bobath models to frame our physiotherapy practice. This involves a problem-solving approach based on an individual’s clinical presentation and personal goals. Following initial assessment and movement analysis, therapists collaborate with clients to create an appropriate treatment plan aimed at kickstarting neurological pathways and developing efficient movement strategies. Through therapeutic handling (a dynamic hands-on reciprocal interaction between client and therapist) and task-specific training, therapists work with clients to optimize function with ongoing physiotherapy sessions.

Functional movements our physiotherapists work to improve:

  • Bed mobility
  • Transferring  from bed to wheelchair
  • Standing up from a chair
  • Balancing
  • Walking with or without aids
  • Climbing stairs
  • Running

Neurological physiotherapy sessions include:

  • Strengthening
  • Range of Motion
  • Quality movement repetition
  • Gait training
  • Postural control/core stability exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Home exercise programs
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