Empowering Change: Neuromotion’s Functional Neurological Disorder Program

Innovative Therapy for Complex Symptoms, Focused on Renewed Function and Wellbeing

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) presents a unique challenge in the spectrum of neurological conditions, primarily affecting how the brain and body communicate. Neuromotion's dedicated FND Program is specifically designed to address these complexities through a focused, evidence-based approach that aids in the restoration of function and improvement in quality of life.

Understanding and Addressing FND

FND can manifest with a wide array of symptoms, such as motor dysfunctions and sensory disturbances, often with no clear organic cause. These symptoms are not just challenging for patients but can be perplexing for healthcare providers as well. At Neuromotion, we liken FND to a software glitch in a perfectly good hardware system — the brain. Our program targets these 'software' issues using a combination of modern therapies and traditional practices, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan that is:

  • Customized to Each Individual: Starting with a thorough assessment, including a physiotherapist evaluation and an FND-specific workbook to guide treatment.
  • Multi-disciplinary in Approach: Incorporating physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and clinical counselling to address the physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of FND.

A Structured, Intensive Therapy Program

Our FND treatment is delivered over an 8-week intensive program, designed to be dynamic and responsive to each patient's evolving symptoms:

  1. Initial Deep Dive: Comprehensive assessments set the stage, focusing on both physical capabilities and psychological resilience.
  2. Intensive Multidisciplinary Therapy: Regular sessions with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and registered clinical counsellors work in tandem to retrain the brain’s faulty signaling mechanisms.
  3. Ongoing Support and Reassessment: The program includes bi-weekly peer support groups and a tapered therapy plan to ensure sustainable progress and prevent regression.

Why Choose Neuromotion’s FND Program?

Choosing our FND Program means opting for a pathway to recovery underpinned by understanding, innovation, and compassion. We provide:

  • Expert Care: Our team is highly skilled in the nuances of neurological rehabilitation, particularly with the elusive nature of FND.
  • Evidence-Based Techniques: From cognitive behavioral therapy to sensorimotor retraining, all our methods are rooted in the latest research.
  • Community and Support: We believe recovery is not just about medical treatment; it's also about building a supportive community that understands and aids in the healing process.

For those struggling with FND, Neuromotion offers more than just treatment; we offer a chance to regain control over your life. Visit our website or contact our office to learn more about how our Functional Neurological Disorder Program can help you or your loved ones navigate this complex condition.