Massage therapists are trained to use hands on techniques to treat the body’s soft tissue and joints. Treatment will consist of a thorough interview, assessment, a combination of active and passive massage techniques and therapeutic exercise to help you attain your goals. Our therapist will collaborate with you to create a goal oriented treatment plan that is specific to you.

Massage therapy has shown to be effective in reducing stress, relieving acute or persistent pain and stimulating or sedating the nervous system. Treatment can be done over clothes or directly on skin as well as in a chair or on a treatment table. Treatment will take place in a private room for those who enjoy a more calming atmosphere.

We also have the accessibility and special transfer equipment to ensure that you can have access to the benefits of massage.

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We work with WSBC and ICBC Clients

Our vision is to help all those who have suffered complex neurological conditions. Neuromotion helps workers with WSBC claims as well as those injured in car accidents.  We can arrange for direct billing through WSBC and ICBC.