Available at All locations

Explore our variety of specialized programs designed to enhance your health and improve quality of life. Each program is tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring comprehensive care and support.

  1. Brain Injury Program

    • Addresses the complexities of brain injuries with a personalized approach to help regain function and improve quality of life.

  2. Functional Neurological Disorder Program

    • Targets the 'software glitches' in brain function characteristic of FND, offering a multidisciplinary approach to therapy and recovery.

  3. Multiple Sclerosis Program

    • Designed to activate neuroplasticity for individuals with MS, focusing on intensive, personalized rehabilitation.

  4. Otago Exercise Program

    • A home-based fall-proof exercise regimen aimed at improving strength and balance to prevent falls in older adults.

  5. Parkinson's Program

    • A comprehensive program offering targeted exercises and therapies to enhance mobility and daily living for individuals with Parkinson's disease.

  6. Persistent Concussion Program

    • Focused on the long-term management of concussion symptoms, this program uses tailored exercises and therapies to reduce symptoms and improve cognitive function.

  7. Spinal Cord Injury Program

    • A comprehensive approach to SCI rehabilitation, utilizing advanced technologies and therapeutic practices to enhance mobility and independence.

  8. Stroke Recovery Program

    • Empowers stroke survivors through personalized therapy sessions that maximize recovery potential and improve independence.