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Thank you to the BC Lung Foundation for this write up:

On March 24th, 2024, BC Lung Foundation is hosting its 23rd Climb the Wall fundraising event. Calling on participants to climb the 48 storeys at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, the annual event has been around since 2002, bringing community members together to support lung health in British Columbia.


Pauline Martin is a physiotherapist and the owner of Neuromotion, a physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic that re-trains functional movement by providing treatment, education, and exercise. With three locations in British Columbia, Pauline has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients. Having been involved with Climb the Wall for the past decade, Pauline has encouraged countless clients to participate in the event and make a difference in their own lives, as well as the lives of others.


10 years ago, when Pauline was first introduced to Climb the Wall, she thought it would be a great physical goal for a particular client to strive for in their journey to recovery. Her client, Michael, had been in a coma and suffered a severe brain injury. After lots of treatment, training, and hard work, Michael was able to complete all 48 storeys of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre! “It was such an incredible accomplishment for him,” says Pauline, “I like to set goals for clients to work towards and this event is such a great milestone to achieve after an injury.”


Since then, Pauline has recruited more and more of her clients to take part in the annual fundraising event, including individuals with traumatic brain injuries, MS, and Parkinson’s. “This year, I have some very excited new clients who are going to try the challenge,” says Pauline, “I can’t wait for them accomplish what they didn’t think was ever going to be possible.”


Pauline loves how friendly, supportive, and high energy the event is, and finds herself inspired by so many people and their stories. She also enjoys the hotel’s atmosphere, the delicious breakfast, and the fact that her team always feel safe with volunteers supporting on all floors. “The team at Neuromotion really recognizes the importance of lung health. Breathing is vital to our health and it’s easy to take it for granted. Our lungs are so important, and Climb the Wall really showcases that.”


Join in on the fun and hear inspiring stories, connect with your community, and challenge yourself as you make your way to the top! Learn more and donate at

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