Love Your Brain Yoga

Traumatic brain injuries and concussions can be isolating and often an invisible injury. But it is a very life altering experience for those who have experienced a brain injury. There is a lack of resources for this population whose needs are high. Integrating back into community, joining an exercise class, going back to work or maintaining social relationships may be too challenging to return to. Anxiety and fear can prevent these individuals from trying to take the next step forward. And unfortunately, the rest of the world is generally unaware of the difficulties life with a TBI can bring. Therefore, having access to services and support is crucial for this population. 

But if you have had a TBI you are not alone, Neuromotion Physiotherapy sees your needs and has made resources available to you by partnering with the Love Your Brain Foundation.

The Love Your Brain foundation was co-founded by Kevin Pearce, a professional snowboarder, who sustained a TBI in 2010 while training for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Kevin’s journey was complex, isolating and challenging. He was unable to return to his pre-injury life forcing him to cultivate a new identity and envision a new future for himself.  

In 2014, Kevin and some of his family members started the Love Your Brain Foundation to help others in the same situation. They wanted to raise awareness about TBI, provide this population access to yoga, meditation and to ultimately build a community.  

The 6-week Love Your Brain Fundamental Series was born out of this vision, and hope, for others going through a similar experience to Kevin’s. This research-backed program was built for you, to have a space to feel safe in and connect to others who may share in your journey. In this program, individuals with TBI (including concussions) and their caregivers can participate in a 45 min gentle yoga practice, 15 min meditation and 20 min discussion.   

Neuromotion Physiotherapy understands the importance of this community and therefore has partnered with the Love Your Brain Foundation to bring the program within the clinic setting and virtually. The program is free and offered twice a year at our clinics. 

Some of the requirements to partake include: 

  • Able to move without assistance (no wheelchair, cane) 
  • Open to participating in group discussion 
  • Can follow instructions and regulate intense emotions 
  • Can commit to all 6 classes (first class is mandatory) 
  • 15 to 70 years of age

If you are at a point in your healing journey where you feel you might be ready to participate, please contact our clinics.