Thank you to everyone over at Victoria General Hospital for working with our team to set up an educational luncheon!  We had a great time meeting everyone and discussing how to provide the most effective care for individuals with neurological conditions. This included collaboration efforts between VGH and Neuromotion, best suited programs for individuals with neurological conditions, and discussing conditions such as Functional Neurological Disorder.

We were able to quickly sneak in a quick demonstration of how our myndmove works to one willing volunteer! More information about our myndmove can be seen here.   

This was also a great field trip for the Neuromotion team to see what the neurological rehabilitation unit looked like at Victoria General Hospital. It is always great to see some similar equipment used at both the VGH and our clinic to make for an easy transition for clients coming out of hospital.  

Neuromotion is always happy to provide educational meetings and presentations to increase the awareness of neurological rehabilitation and the difficulties and solutions that come along with it. If your organization or team is interested in a Neuromotion presentation, we would be happy to connect and tailor the presentation to what your organization is interested in! Send us an email here:   




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